How to get a developer job at Bright Pixel

And keep it.

Change is something that most of us dread and crave at the same time. Close your eyes, think of what you really, really want. Remember that what you want and what you need are almost never the same. Put yourself out there and try new things. Nothing lasts forever. That’s basically how I moved to another country and got a job at Bright Pixel.

I get it, it’s hard, the putting yourself out there part. So let me offer you a little insight: it’s very much appreciated and connects you with great people and amazing places you never knew existed. Disclaimer: this is a hiring post. No hidden agendas here. Bright Pixel is growing. We’re a team of good people and we want to pay more good people to do a good job!

Let’s start with your CV

Write it. Send it. Take that chance. You’re not signing an agreement with a telco company for 3 years.

It’s always a big differentiator in a CV: a pet project demonstrating that programming brings you joy! And, before we go any further, let’s make one thing clear: we have a very experienced team of rockstar developers, but we’re all just human. We make space for mistakes. At times it’s the only way of earning success.

Sometimes we’re looking for senior positions, sometimes junior. We hired experienced developers and students. Don’t overthink this. Try to display your experience timeline in the best possible way.

The interview

When you arrive at Bright Pixel, always leave your imposter syndrome at the door. Take 5 big breaths. Interviews always start with a casual conversation. We’re not a manufactory, so we want to actually get to know you a bit. We’re looking for a specific combination of personality, skills, attitude and mindset. It’s OK to not know something. Admit it. Process it. Feel the hunger and power of knowledge.

What happens next

The LABS team works on various projects: from small proof of concepts, to big ones with prestigious clients. Of course, there is also our pride and joy — Pixels Camp. We believe in work diversification, so you’re not chained to a monogamous, strict workflow. Flex your mind!

Plus, we have arcade games, a ping pong table, and a VR station. In our building you’ll meet people from various backgrounds and with diverse skills. We respect one another, embrace our differences and learn from them.

Meet Emanuel, Nuno, Kátia, and Benjamim who already joined BRPX in 2018! 💪🏻

Warm welcome guys! 🤗

Now, that you’ve arrived at the end of this post, thank you very much for your attention! And by the way, you could have put your precious time spent on reading this, to good use. Like sending a CV to us.

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