Reactor is born on 11th January 2018!

Two words define what I want to talk about today: serendipity and fusion.

So, let’s talk about Reactor! A great and brand new project based from Porto to the world, that we, at Bright Pixel, are proud to be a part of!

Reactor is now a reality because of several events that fortunately happened in the right sequence during the last months — serendipity — and that mixed together several entities with different backgrounds and profiles — fusion — that make its value proposition rather unique in the market.

By chance, I met the team behind a great project called Lionesa.

They were ambitious and bold enough to build a great business center that is transforming itself into a great community and a sort of city for a new generation of companies and projects, mixing fashion with retail, old with new tech, the traditional with the digital. Naturally, they wanted to do even more! They felt that there was a need to launch an initiative that could mix new projects with established companies, attract entrepreneurs and innovation driven projects to a already thriving community of companies that had chosen to establish themselves at Lionesa.

We, on the other hand, were thinking that we should increase our presence and bet in Porto.

We are, at Bright Pixel, a group of experienced developers, designers and entrepreneurs, have the sole goal of investing in early stage and really ambitious tech startups and projects. In the process, we believe that we can and should try to be a different breed of investors, that not only puts money in the hands of the promoters, but also sits side by side with them and build their projects from day one. We can even help build products and projects that later on might be challenged by us to become full fledge startups. That’s why for us it is crucial to be a part of initiatives, spaces and communities that promote the mixture of people from different backgrounds and profiles. It is also important for us to be in the closest way possible to the investments and bets in projects that we make — and we have several in Porto already! — and close to talent that can potentially partner with us and be a part of our family. That’s why we embraced Lionesa’s idea of building a new space in the Porto region that has the ambition of attracting people from everywhere in the world.

We were also lucky enough to have Porto Business School as a founding partner in the birth of Reactor. They also believed in the need of investing and building out an initiative that would actively promote a link between corporates and startups, between entrepreneurs and business people. So, together we felt we had what it takes to launch a new way of promoting innovation and links between established businesses and new disruptive projects — the initial idea for Reactor was born!

Something else really great also happened in this fusion process…

We started to have also other entities with impressive track record, willing to actively contribute to Reactor.

Beta-i, one of our trusted partners and a reference in the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Portugal, also wanted to develop build-out more initiatives in Porto. They were willing to collaborate with us and other players that might make sense to tag along, in order to explore several projects and initiatives in the next months in the Porto Region. Chain Reaction, a really impressive and innovative team of creatives also joined us, eager to develop new projects in the near term. NOS, a crucial partner in the birth of Bright Pixel and in helping several companies and startups in the setup of their businesses, as well, also said yes to Reactor, and is willing to promote several initiatives with the community, besides providing the much needed tools that we all need to work with in our day-to-day.

So, we have (almost) all what it takes to make Reactor a unique project with a relevant role in the market.

We (only) need you to join us.

We want to work with entrepreneurs, startups, people with wild ideas and the willpower to take the plunge…

We want to work with companies and entities that want to innovate, collaborate and take risks with the wild…

So, today we are happy that Reactor has started its engines — fuelled by serendipity and fusion.

Now, let’s make some heat and noise!

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