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Probely won the Caixa Empreender Award 2017

Probe.ly, the Web Application Vulnerability Scanning Suite for Agile Teams initially invested and incubated by Bright Pixel, winner of the Lisbon Challenge ’16 later last year, just won the “Caixa Empreender Award 2017” prize last week. Observador wrote an excellent article about their achievement (in Portuguese).

The team just finished developing the platform and entered the Beta phase two weeks ago. 12 companies from all around the world are now testing the product and sending valuable feedback.

Along with Caixa Capital strengthening their position as investors in the startup, Bright Pixel has decided to follow the move and co-invest in a new round to take Probe.ly to their next stage: launching the product and developing the business.

Probe.ly is the first successful MVP coming from our venture builder internal process, where good product ideas and great teams get the help they need to maximize execution and benefit from our industry synergies. This proves that there’s a better alternative to building startups with lower risks and higher market fit, which makes us all very proud.

Open Source Camp

The first Open Source Development Conference organized by Microsoft Portugal and powered by Bright Pixel is happening next Wednesday, April the 5th, and you shouldn’t miss it.

In the words of Microsoft: ‘We know it’s very, very hard for some of you to believe it, but… this isn’t the Oscars and “This is not a joke!”.’

The world has changed. Who would have thought Microsoft would be the top organization with the most open source contributors on Github today, ten years ago? We can vouch for their commitment. Microsoft has been a significant partner to us as a venture builder studio and to the Pixels Camp event. Here’s to a long lasting relation.

There are more than 25 sessions, on topics such as Docker, Blockchain, .NET Core, ElasticSearch, Linux, Bots, React, Kubernetes, Serverless, and others.

Celso, João Poupino and André Cruz will be speakers at the event too, and you’ll probably find the team hovering around our booth if you’d like to talk to us.

We might announce something big there too, who knows.

Cisco partnership

Last month we closed a partnership with Cisco which will allow all of our startups and MVPs to benefit from privileged access to Devnet APIs and their developer groups, Cisco wireless, networking and video conferencing equipment and infrastructure, content and training sessions throughout the year.

Cisco is also an industry leader in the field of B2B networking hardware, telecommunications equipment, and other high-technology services and products and we’re trying to create business synergies for both our Labs and our startups.

What else?

We don’t like teasing, but we’re about to announce Pixels Camp 2017, the dates and the new venue are closed, and we think you’re going to like it, a lot.


Pixel Cláudio Gamboa, our Javascript God, and also one of our Makers in residence built a feeding system for his cat Max over the last weekends and you must see it in action. He may or may not take orders from other cat owners with the same problem, and create a business out of this.

Finally, we’re following the Blockchain technology big time at Bright Pixel these days, especially the Ethereum platform. The team is digging into smart contracts and DAOs and trying to understand and explore the imminent killer apps that can be built on top of this technology. Despite the natural hype cycle around blockchain, we think there’s future there. Also, this might be in the mail to Lisbon.

Bright Pixel Mining Co

If you’re into Blockchain or Ethereum, get in touch with us. We’d like to talk to you.

New Pixels

The team is growing. Two new pixels joined the Labs team since we last talked to work on exciting projects we’re doing with our clients and partners. They are:

Ana Pascoal and Ricardo Malta

Ana works as a Project Manager and will be creating structure around here. She likes photography, videogames and puzzles, and her favorite hobby is to travel.

Ricardo is a software engineer with a broad skillset within IT, a real-time Internet, Linux and Node.js enthusiast. He likes running and free time with the family.

Welcome aboard, let’s break some stuff!

Time to read

Celso, our CEO, wrote an interesting post in our blog about company culture which we think you might enjoy. In his words: “Culture is essentially the people you decide to work with. “, “Hire on values, invest in talent, guide it with determination and passion”.

Bored? This will make you laugh. It’s funny because it’s true. We checked in on a few points, but our theater is still far from complete.

Also, since we talked about Blockchain, here are two videos you should watch to get you started, if you haven’t yet:

That’s it for now. Talk to you again soon!

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